MSSUI members for Spring 2016 semester.

Hello everyone! Almost half of the spring semester has gone by. Assignments, papers, and midterms sure must worry you at this point of time, doesn't it? In order to help you relief all the burdens of school, let's recall what we did during the first half of this semester.

Spring 2016: Gong Xi Fa Cai Open House (APACC)

To begin with, we held a Chinese New Year event that also included our annual Welcome Back Party to celebrate our Chinese culture as well as to welcome our new Malaysian friends to the University of Iowa.

Potluck for the Chinese New Year celebration.
Yee Sang

We started the event with yee-sang (鱼生). In Malaysia, eating yee-sang during Chinese New Year is a must. After having yee-sang, we had our lunch that was prepared by our MSSUI members themselves. We also gave the chance to our new friends to introduce themselves and mingled around with each other.

Kuya with the new members.
Our boys ready for the game.

We also went outside for games! We were divided into four teams and had balloons tied to our ankles. The goal of the game was to pop the other team's balloon while guarding our own balloons. Sounds interesting doesn't it? It really was.

The light blue team ready for some action.
The Dark Blue Team gives their best shot.

The Red Team
The White Team

The game is about to start!
Anis explains the rule of the game.

We wrapped up the event by announcing the winners and thanked each other for preparing such tasty food for lunch.

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Spring 2016: Snowboard and Ski Trip (Sundown Mountain Resort)

Two weeks after that, we went to Sundown Mountain Resort for skiing and snowboarding. The weather was perfect and we had so much fun skiing on that day.

Spring 2016: Get To Know Us (GTKU) with Delta Gamma (Delta Gamma Fraternity)

Before we forget, this semester, MSSUI is partnering with Delta Gamma for GTKU (Get To Know Us) program. If you haven't heard of GTKU, it is actually a program by the University of Iowa Student Government to create a better environment on campus by giving the chance to students to learn about each other's culture. We had our first meeting with Delta Gamma last two weeks, and we can't wait for our next collaborating event with Delta Gamma soon!

Spring 2016: World Night by French Cultural Club (Philips Hall)

We participated in the World Night organized by the French Cultural Club on the mid March. This event is to introduce the culture of different countries in the world. We were also joined by the Thai Student Association, the Russian Speaking Students and Scholars Association and Iowa Agni.

Thailand's graceful dancers.
The Russians with their tongue twisters.
The Iowa Agni Club members.

We sang the Malaysian famous country song, Rasa Sayang to the audience and explained its wonderful meaning. 

Some of us sang our traditional song, Rasa Sayang.

Song, dance, tongue twisters, variety of food and a lot of fun, this event is a success!

The last picture of the day!

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more updates!

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