Hi again everyone! We know everyone's enjoying their summer break. While those who are taking summer class, well, not so much. But here we want to remind you guys what we did for the rest of the spring. Enjoy! 

Spring 2016: East Coast Festival 2016 (Ohio State University)

EC Fest 2016 logo.

East Coast Festival (ECFest) is a festival that celebrates the healthy competitive spirit of Malaysian Students in The United States of America and Canada that pertains to their respective skill and talent in sports, debate and music. This is the second time this festival was held, since the huge success of the first one in the Pennsylvania State University last year. 

Some of us decided to participate in the 2016's EC Fest at the end of the spring break. Eventhough we didn't really have an official team represented the UI, some of our members joined forces with the team from other universities and grabbed some medals. Yeah, you got it right! Jas Khairulshazwan represented the UI for the Men Double Badminton match and won the Gold Medal. Hairil and Adam, on the other hand, joined the Indoor Soccer team and Volleyball team from other universities respectively and both won the Gold Medals. Besides, we also have a volleyball team; and Indah and Shahirah participated the Women Double Badminton match represented the UI. The rest of us met our friends from various universities in the US.

The last night was the most important as the Kicap Band performed in the Battle of the Band. Their performance was splendid indeed!

Kicap Band performed in The Battle of The Bands.

Kudos to every participant and the winners! Let's consider our own sports team in the future. Go Hawkeyes!

Spring 2016: Hangout Day and Election Speech (APACC)

It's been a year the current committee sacrifice their time and energy for the best of our organization, thus it's time for them to inherit their responsibilities. There were two agendas in this hangout - to introduce the event  Malaysian Night 2016 and its committees, and to elect the new committees for our organization itself. Adam, the Director of Malaysian Night (MNUI) 2016 explained the concept of the event, and we decided to choose 'Balik Kampung' (Return to Village) as the main theme.

Adam explained about Malaysian Night.

Next, we introduced the candidates for the positions in the MSSUI. Every candidates gave their election speeches, and answered few questions from the other members to prove their credibility.

Everything went well, and it's up to you guys to vote the next UI "little ambassador".

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 Spring 2016: Fundraising (IMU Main Lounge)

MSSUI needs fund to support our activities. However, we need to work harder this semester to support our main event, Malaysian Night - Balik Kampung. Daniel Farhan, the Head of the Fundraising Department for the event, and also the fundraising committee for MSSUI decided to organize mini-sales for the cause. They are called Warong and Malaysian 1$ Bake Sale.

Warung set-up.
Malaysian 1 Bake Sale set-up.

While both has the same concept and objectives, the food sold is a bit different. They made batik cake first and replaced it with samosa for the latter. However, curry puffs and teh tarik were still the customers' favorite. The sales paid off as they gained profit from both.

curry puffs
teh tarik

Even though it's still little compare to the amount we need, we hope to get relentless support from everyone for this kind of event.  

Spring 2016: Graduation Night Party, A Trip to Hollywood! (IMU 179 South Room)

It's the day for us to celebrate our graduates of the semester. At the end of the journey for ten of our members in the UI, we decided to roll out the red carpet for them.Even though we don't really have one, we made the night special for them. Our emcees, Nizam and Carmen made their grand opening, enlightened the event.

Everyone dressed out gracefully, with Hollywood Celebrity as the theme. The event started early at 6.00 pm. The former president, Fiona gave her speech and handed out the MSSUI file to Dylan, symbolized the change of role in our organization. 

Fiona handed down her \"responsibility\" to Dylan.

The two game that were played are Guess the Celebrity and the Whisper Challenge. The way to win the first game is to guess the name of celebrity that was stuck at their backs by asking the people around them. The game almost brought chaos in the room, but fortunately we managed to control the situation. The latter game was exclusive for the graduates. The game was played in pair, which one of them needs to wear a headphone and guess the words showed, uttered by the partner. 

The graduates at their seats.


We presented a surprise video for the graduates from their family. We are happy that they found it meaningful.

Kicap Band and Nicole did it again.
Koe and Nicole, as the Best Actor and Actress of the Night.
We sang 'Seasons in The Sun' with the graduates.

At the end of the event, we awarded the Best Actor and Best Actress of the night and a compulsory group photo.

Group photo!

We want to congratulate all the seniors for their success in Iowa. And a very much thank you to all of our members for the strong supports throughout the semesters. All of our events and activities wouldn't be much meaningful without our beloved members. 

Stay tune with us for more exciting events! Thank you!

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