Malaysian Students Society of University of Iowa - or MSSUI in short, is an entity that represents Malaysians and its unique cultures at University of Iowa (UI), Iowa City. We strive to maintain as an active student organization to keep our members, also known as Malaysian-Hawkeyes, connected and involved in various events on campus.

Since our formation in the 1990s, MSSUI generally has three main objectives: (1) We seek to foster good relationships between all Malaysians, (2) promote Malaysian cultures to the local community, and (3) provide a medium for all members to engage in campus activities. Besides that, we reach out to assist Malaysian students with their needs, hoping that they will have a pleasant college experience in UI and Iowa City, Iowa.

Malaysian Students Society of University of Iowa - MSSUI secara pendek, adalah satu badan yang mewakili rakyat Malaysia dan budayanya yang unik di University of Iowa, Iowa City. Kami berazam untuk terus aktif  supaya ahli kami, juga dikenali sebagai Malaysian-Hawkeyes, sentiasa bersatu dan melibatkan diri dalam pelbagai aktiviti di dalam kampus. 

Semenjak penubuhan kami pada era 1990, MSSUI secara amnya mempunyai tiga objektif: (1) Kami ingin membina hubungan baik di antara semua rakyat Malaysia, (2) mempromosikan budaya Malaysia kepada penduduk tempatan, dan (3) menyediakan peluang kepada semua ahli untuk bergiat aktif dalam aktiviti-aktiviti kampus. Kini, MSSUI telah banyak membantu rakyat Malaysia, dengan harapan untuk menjadikan University of Iowa dan Iowa City, Iowa sebagai rumah kedua mereka. 


Fun activities.

Build Relationship

Since MSSUI was founded, we have connected all the Malaysians in Iowa City, from public figures to students. We become the medium to assist new Malaysian students and visitors that are coming here, particularly to University of Iowa. Our objective is to build our own community so that our members can feel like home in the US. We hope to provide an open environment not only for learning, but for making friends as well!

Promote Culture

Malaysia is a multicultural country that is rich with traditions from various ethnics and races. MSSUI embraces every culture and tradition, and stay as one Malaysia. Each year, we celebrate most of the Malaysia's cultural festivals including Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Independence Day. Together, we slowly promote our culture to the locals and honor our cultural festival.


Fun Activities

Being the UNESCO City of Literature, Iowa City is one of the best places to live in the US. Besides the peaceful environment, Iowa City offers various beautiful places for different interesting activities. Regularly, we organized trips and events for our members to release the stress. 

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