Fall 2015: Graduation Night Party

Hello everyone! The final week is just around the corner, but MSSUI will never forget about our graduating members. Graduation Night has became our tradition since we were organized; to celebrate our graduates for every semester. This celebration is to show our appreciation to the fellow graduates who has been supporting us throughout their time in the University of Iowa. We also want to prove that we will try our best to tie the bond and unity between our members. Besides, the success shown by the graduates could also become inspiration and motivation for our current member that are struggling with their university life. This graduation night is one of the best we have ever had.

Our theme was White Christmas, with red and white, formal dress code. We began the event with a short speech from our president, Fiona. Then, we played a game called 'Password' with the graduates. We divided them into two groups, and each of them had to describe something with only one word. One of their members required to figure out the thing with the words only. The party was also livened by the performance from Kicap Band and Nicole.

Nicole and her friends performing.

Everyone had to bring a present to change with each other. So, we played an interesting game that requires them to find and follow the directions in a list of sentences read by the emcees. It was a funny and interesting game indeed! 

Everyone before changing their presents.

We introduced the graduates one by one throughout the event, and gave them chances to give pieces of advice for the current members. Finally, we gave each of them a trophy for appreciation. We ended the night with the award for the Best Dress of The Night.

The party was a success! We would like to thanks all of our members for keep supporting us throughout the semester. Stay with us and next time, it'll be your celebration!

Reported by,
Mj Maisarah Mohd

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