Fall 2016: Graduation (Starry) Night

Every beginning has its end. So do our students have to graduate and after years of struggle and hard work. One way to celebrate their presence is by organizing Graduation Night. Graduation Night is the event that MSSUI held at the end of every semester to celebrate our members' final weeks and their achievements in the University of Iowa. Besides, we want to spend our final time with all Malaysians before everyone leaves for Summer semester.

We held the event at IMU South Room, accommodating nearly 40 people. Everyone was expected to dress casually. MSSUI went a little beyond from our previous event, as we decided on a theme called Starry Night. The one and only graduates to be celebrated this time is Fiona Yea, our beloved ex-president.

Since the Graduation Night is close with Christmas celebration, we decided to play a game that involving changing presents to each other. It was called "White Elephant". The game was fun and interesting as everyone was wondering what are they are going to get.

We also play a mini-game called "Pattern Game" and have Daniel to cover Stand By Me and Yellow, dedicated to Fiona. The event was also electrified by instrumental performance by Kicap Band throughout the event. We also got the opportunity to dedicate a song titled Peng You (meaning Friends) for Fiona.

The event is indeed an emotional one. We hope that this event will let the students to take a night off studying and indulge in fun and games before final weeks.

Good Luck to everyone for the final and may we meet again next semester!! :)

Reported by,
Farhana Wafir

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