Spring 2017: Biweekly Educational Forum and Sports

MSSUI has been trying to gather all of our members more frequently for the past few months. But none of our plans are as effective as this one. We organize weekly activities so that our students will always be in contact. On the February 13th, we started our first forum led by Carmen. She presented about Walmart System's Compared to Malaysia's Companies, and we received good support from the students. The forum was semi formal as we encouraged our students to participate and voice out their opinions.


On the Friday of the same week, we hosted a volleyball competition between the "houses" (we implemented house system beginning this semester) among our students. The winning house will get the most points. Our main goal is to teach our students the basic rules of any sport, and thus encouraging students to be active in sport. We also hope to strengthen the bond between our members.

All work and no play make Jacks a dull boy. We believe that being a student is not all about grade and study. Thus, we, MSSUI will try our best to bring joy in our student. Stay tune for our future event!! :) 


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