Fall 2015: Welcome Back Party and MerdekaRaya Celebration (UCC and Pentacrest)

Hello everyone! So, last week we had our first gathering of the academic season. Yay! Welcome Back Party is a MSSUI tradition, held at the start of every new semester. While MerdekaRaya is an event that combines the celebration of Malaysia's 58th Independence Day and Eid ul Fitri. Merdeka (Independence Day) is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957, celebrated on 31 August each year, and Raya means celebration after a month of fasting for Muslims in Malaysia. Combine these together, voilá, Merdekaraya it is!

MerdekaRaya Fall 2015 registration

The day started off with a few ice-breaking games and quizzes. The objectives of the games were to help Malaysians build stronger relationships with each other and to remind us of our history and cultural roots. 

Weaving ketupat
Test our students' knowledge about Malaysia's monuments.
Playing Batu Seremban.

We prepared various kinds of traditional food such as rendang, spring rolls, lontong, Malaysia peanut sauce, Thai noodles, and desserts. After dinner was served, the host of the day, Anis, introduced six new students; Indah, Syahirah, Anwar, Abdullah, Carmen, and Jun. Welcome to the family, guys!

Welcome Back Paty

Why waste such a beautiful day indoor when you can play outside? We went outside for a short game, anak ayam (chick), a game that needs two team to compete with each other and try to steal another team's members. The team with the most remaining members wins.

Playing anak ayam.

We finished up with a fun photography session in front of Shaeffer Hall. That is pretty much it of our Welcome Back Party and MerdekaRaya event. Stay tuned with us for more exciting events!

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